With more than 20 types of interactive activities and thousands of plugins, CAMPUS is the ideal stage to develop and teach your classes.


Who is B2Learn Campus for?

for teachers

As a teacher, you will have a great number of tools to develop and teach your classes in a very simple way.

and for your students

Your students will learn in a dynamic way, with live classes through interactive video conferences, taking online quizzes, participating in forums, chat, surveys, working in groups, and obtaining credentials that certify their newly acquired knowledge.


Subject specific forums that allow you to discuss in written format with your students.


Assessment system that allows you to create your own questions and interactive answers, multiple choice, etc.


Collaborate with your students to create a glossary of technical terms related to the subject matter that you teach.


Live Chat at pre-defined times to communicate with your students within the platform.

Text, 2D & 3D Graphics

Include text in different formats, as well as 2D or 3D graphics in general content type pages.


Prepare and maintain a Wiki with your students that will help them work collaboratively and use it as a reference throughout the course.


Use different types of surveys to better understand the opinions and needs of your students.

Audio, Video

Create more engagement in your courses with custom Audio and Video productions. 2D and 3D animations.
You can record short audio and video clips directly in the platform.

+ 1000 Plugins

More than 1000 plugins available to be included in your courses for technical or game-like interactions with your audience.

Attention NPO's!

B2LEARN wants to help you. Is that little grain of sand that we propose to bring into any non profit organization that can benefit from accessing our B2LEARN Campus platform. Contact us, we want to know about your projects, and it will be a pleasure to help you without costs.

let's see,

what do our clients say?

Do you want to Try Campus at no Cost?

Contact us now! We will be glad to setup a test account without cost in Campus for you, and we will show you the basics of how it all works.