Congress, conferences, talks! Virtual exhibits and rooms. Today’s technology makes virtual connections with your audience and the world 100% possible.


We address the need to share trends and news

We understand the limiting factors of loosing work days and moving and lodging costs in traditional events

We propose virtual events, through interactive video conferencing,

and a collaborative virtual platform

Event duration: For example 3 days

Access all talks and recorded exhibits: For example 2 months after the event

Example Program

Opening Act
Pre defined Date and Time
Presented by a profesional voice talent


General Schedule
The Voice Talent presents the program’s General Schedule


Virtual Modality
The Presenter explains the Virtual Modality.
– How to participate?
Platform Description
– Q&A Panel / live chat / moderator assistance / how to “raise your hand” for questions with optional audio and video / Survey System / Multiple panelists


Accessible Material 
It is explained that a few hours after each live talk, the material is accessible as a recording


Speakers and Talks
Information about the speakers and their talks is shared amongst participants


How to ask questions during the talks

Participating Brands
Pre-established day and time
Profesional Voice Talent
Duration: For example 1/2 hour


The key driver for a Virtual Event like ours, is that it resembles as much as possible the in-house events we’re used to.  This is one of the reasons why your sponsor brands can offer different benefits depending on their level of participation, and the audience can have great prizes too!

GOLD Sponsor

30 second Video for GOLD Sponsor, followed by static screen and 3 minute audio description read by a voice talent.

SILVER Sponsor

Static screen SILVER Sponsor + 1.5 minute description read by a professional voice talent

BRONZE Sponsor

Static screen BRONZE Sponsor + 30 second description read by voice talent


Digital prizes provided by sponsor brands

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There are several other details we can tell you. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can learn more about your interests related to this.