Congress, conferences, talks! Virtual exhibits and rooms. Today’s technology makes virtual connections with your audience and the world 100% possible.


Prior to the Event

Information and Registration

A web domain or subdomain is registered under the name of the event, in which the general information, program schedule, and pre-registration are open to sponsors and the general public.


Training for Online Talks

Practice Sessions and Recordings

Technical Support

Training for Exhibits

Training for Assistants


No missing of Work-Days
Share Advances and News
No Travelling Costs

Virtual Stands Setup

This is a "Basic Stand" example, which includes points of interest. Click or tap to move the 360 scenes around.

Basic Stand 360

Design and customization of Basic Stand 360. Add points of interest to show images, text, and videos.

Pro Stand 360

Design and customization of Pro Stand 360. Unique forms, lighting, and textures adapted to the client’s brand. Add points of interest to show images, text, and videos.

Custom / Replica 360

Replica 3D 360 of an existing stand that the client may have. Add points of interest to show images, text, and videos.


Interactive Videos

Photo Slideshows

Image Juxtaposition



Word Games

During the Event

360 render example of a Registration Desk, with navigation to Basic Stand Demo. Click or tap to move the 360 scenes around.


Through 360 renders of the exterior of the venue, participants navigate to the 360 renders of the Registration Desk, where we welcome the registered participants.

Opening Act


An optional Opening can be set for a specific DATE, TIME, and DURATION, usually managed by the client.


Through a persistent menu in the system, you access the Event’s Schedule, with direct links to each one of the talks. We use features of the different Video-Conferencing tools for the speakers to interact with the audience.


Games, badges, and prizes are used to motivate the participants to visit and interact with all Stands, Sponsors, and Speakers.


Each virtual stand has information spots and a link to an open Video-Conference where they interact live with the Brands and other participants.

Streaming of pre-recorded demos

Live assistance through Video and Audio

Response and interact via Chat

Contact Form

Games and Incentives

Post Event


During a period of time after the event, participants have access to recordings for Stands and Speaker talks.

Interaction with Participants

Communication with participants remains active through social networks.

Information on Upcoming Events

Information is made available for upcoming related or recommended events.


A general survey is made available, and acknowledgments are published with names and logos of sponsors, exhibitors, and event organizers.

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