We give you access to a network of professionals in design, programming, voice talents, video production, music, photography, digital marketing and many other multimedia and technical areas.


Why B2Learn Media

Multimedia Quality

How effective your courses or events are depend vastly on your ability as a teacher or speaker, but… Equally important is the quality of the digital material you use in your presentations.

Going Beyond Powerpoint

Without underestimating the benefits of formats like Powerpoint or a simple PDF file have, it is well-known that it isn’t enough to make your presentations look professional and appealing.

2D & 3D Design

Professional design criteria applied to your subjects. Development of 3D objects and scenes.

Photography & Video

Custom productions of photos and videos. Video editing and help with online publishing.

Social Media Marketing

Consulting and execution of social media marketing strategies for your courses or events in the main social media platforms


Professional programmers helping you with specific needs you may have when teaching or evaluating results in your subject area.


Conjunction of 2D & 3D design with animations to help explain processes.


Musical options for your videos or animations, or composition of original music to cover your needs.

Voice Talents

Professional Voice Talents for your audios or videos. Creation of closed captions in different languages.


Professional artists that help you "tell a story" related to what you want to teach.

Augmented Reality

Creation of virtual reality scenes, or objects and interactions that will be presented through augmented reality.

Our Professionals

With the team of professionals in B2LEARN MEDIA, we help you get to content that is more appealing, didactic, modern, and that helps your students better retain the concepts that you want to teach.

Can we help you?

Contact us now! We would love to get to know you and your projects and help create B2LEARN type Media for you!